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Blue HEETS are blend of mellow tobacco and deep menthol flavoured tobacco sticks designed specifically for use with IQOS devices. The IQOS device works by heating the tobacco in your Blue HEETS Stick rather than burning it, so there is no smoke, no ash, and less odour.

Enjoy a crisp and cooling inhale of deep menthol with hints of peppermint layered over a base of mellow tobacco. Use the Blue Heets in your IQOS Duo 3 device, or any other model of IQOS heated tobacco electronic devices. Each pack of HEETS contains 20 tobacco sticks, with each individual stick lasting approximately the same time or number of puffs as a cigarette.

HEETS tobacco sticks are produced with the highest level of precision to offer consistency and a high quality tobacco taste experience.

All HEETS products have the same amount of nicotine, so you only need to decide on your preferred taste and intensity.

  • Compatible with the IQOS 3 Duo Kit
  • Heated tobacco; does not produce tar, smoke or ash
  • Contains nicotine
  • Flavour profile: Mellow tobacco, deep menthol cooling and peppermint
Box Contents:
  • 20 x Blue HEETS

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